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10 out-of-sight Google Pixel settings worth surfacing


With some phones, the hardware itself is the primary point of appeal.

Google’s self-made Pixel devices take a decidedly different approach. Sure, the shells around the phones are as shiny and purty as any of ’em — but it’s what’s inside that really sets the Pixel apart.

Plain and simple, Google’s Android software is in a league of its own. And aside from the thoughtfully designed, platform-consistent interface and the lack of obnoxious and often over-the-top experience-harming additions so many other manufacturers love to lard into their Android environments, Pixels are packed with genuinely useful features that tap into Google’s high-tech smarts and make your life easier in some small but significant ways.

But in some cases, it’s up to you to find the features and activate ’em before they’ll be available.

So today, we’ll pick up where we left off with our previous Pixel settings collection and explore a slew of spectacular buried Pixel settings worth surfacing. Find ’em, flip ’em on, and then come check out my free Pixel Academy e-course to uncover even more Googley magic lurking within your favorite Pixel phone.

Google Pixel setting No. 1: Your smart storage sorcerer

Phone-makers love to push the narrative that you need to drop more dollars on devices with oversized amounts of local space — but for most of us, the reality is that local phone storage is little more than a temporary holding vessel for stuff that’s soon to be backed up, synced, and available anywhere, anyway.

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