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10 Signal tips for iPhone, Mac and iPad users


Enterprises, government officials or individuals – anyone who seriously wants to secure their communications – uses the cross-platform Signal service. Here are a dozen tips to help you get more from using this on your iPhone.

Secure by design

Signal is built to be secure, so much so that the European Commission this year instructed staff to begin using the encrypted messaging app for public instant messaging. Encrypted emails and highly secure document exchange systems are also used.

What makes Signal secure?

It’s open source, uses end-to-end encryption by default and doesn’t store message metadata or use the cloud to back up messages. This makes the content of your messages really hard to intercept (though I hesitate to say impossible, as we live in difficult times). iMessage also offers end-to-end encryption, but is sadly not cross-platform, which gives Signal the edge.

One important caveat:

If you are messaging with someone who is not using Signal, then nothing is encrypted. Everyone in a chat should be using it to benefit from this security, particularly if you’re exchanging valuable data.

Signal has a selection of useful features, some of which I explain in this piece. It’s free and works on the iPhone, iPad, Macs, Windows PCs, Linux hardware and Android devices. 

1: Easy transportation

Signal recently introduced a new iOS tool that makes it possible to securely transfer Signal data (messages, archived chats) to new iPhones.  That’s a big benefit if you upgrade your device and it’s very simple to use:

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