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10+ Slack tips for Mac users


The simplest explanation of Slack is as a user interface that lets you access numerous private chat rooms, including project-based spaces. Here you can share messages and other assets.

With more than 10 million active daily users, Slack has become communications glue across many enterprises, as in-office, remote, and contract workers use it to share ideas, work on projects, and more. It felt past time to put together a short collection of Slack tips for Mac users (with a sprinkling of ideas for iOS users, also).

Extend Slack

Slack combines with numerous apps to extend its basic functionality — scheduling bots can set up meetings, while other plug-ins may alert team members of significant moments in project management. Explore the current range of app integrations here.

Stay in control of notifications

If you work in a busy team, you may want to disable Slack notifications temporarily when you attempt to focus on a task, or adjust them to cut out the interruptions while still picking up on necessary stuff.

Select a workspace and then choose Preferences > Notifications in Slack’s menu. Now you can adjust notifications to the level you are comfortable with:

  • All new messages
  • Direct messages, mentions & keywords
  • No notifications

Alternatively, use the Do Not Disturb feature (click your profile icon, select Pause notifications, and choose a period of time) to give yourself a little space.

And don’t forget: You can also use the Mac’s default Notifications manager in System Preferences to put Slack notifications on a diet.

Monitor specific words and phrases

Preferences > Notifications also gives you access to the Keywords item. Make use of it. If you are working on a project, you might set the application up to alert you when someone in any of your channels uses the project code name (“big heart,” for example). Perhaps there’s a client relationship you take particularly seriously, in which case you might set that company name up as a keyword. You’ll be notified whenever that keyword gets used in any of your channels.

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