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11 advanced Assistant tricks you should really remember on Android


Fancy new features are fan-frickin’-tastic. But let’s face it: We aren’t all carrying Google’s shiny new Pixel phones. And we don’t all have Android 12 in front of our shiny faces just yet.

With all of that in mind, I thought now would be a fine time to turn our attention to some of Android’s many buried treasures — phenomenal time-saving and productivity-boosting possibilities built right into the software on our existing phones, no matter who made ’em or how old they may be (within the realm of reason, anyway; if you’re still totin’ around a phone with Froyo, sorry pal, but you’re on your own).

Specifically, I want to think our way through some incredibly useful advanced features connected to Google Assistant — the friendly if sometimes slightly sassy virtual companion that’s always standing by and ready to lend a helping hand (and/or voice).

The best part about these Assistant-associated gems is that they’re every bit as beneficial with a three-year-old LG jalopy as they are with a high-end 2021 flagship. But since Assistant commands are inherently invisible, they’re all too easy to overlook or forget.

So without further ado, I give you 11 advanced Google Assistant commands you should really remember to use on Android — no matter what Android phone you’re carrying or which Android version it’s running.

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