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14+ reasons enterprises should upgrade to iOS 16


When it comes to reasons to upgrade to iOS 16 it’s no surprise that most of the focus is on the consumer-friendly features of the new OS. But there are plenty of reasons for enterprise users to upgrade — including these productivity-enhancing tweaks.

Big improvements in SSO

Single sign-on (SSO) lets an employee sign into their managed device once to see it set up for use, including applications and services deployments. Like most simple things, it relies on a complex web of technologies first introduced with Sign in with Apple in 2019. Significant enhancements have been introduced in iOS 16, including support for user enrollment for iOS 16. You can enroll via an MDM provider or via a Managed Apple ID, depending on company deployment strategy.

In another nugget of good news for enterprise IT, Apple has introduced support for OAuth 2.0, which supports additional identity provision systems from third-party services. You can find out more about these enhancements here.

Sign in with Apple at Work & School

Apple introduced integration with Google Workspace earlier this year following previous support for Microsoft sync. Now it has gone further with Sign in with Apple at Work & School, which adds support for Managed Apple IDs to Sign in with Apple.

What that somewhat brand-name-heavy word jamboree means is that employees, educators, and students can sign in with their Managed Apple IDs, which essentially makes it way easier for businesses to distribute and manage employee apps. This also makes for highly efficient device deployments alongside SSO.

Managed Device Attestation

Announced at WWDC 2022, Managed Device Attestation helps prevent attackers from stealing a device’s TLS private keys, spoofing legitimate devices, or lying about a device’s properties. It relies on the Secure Enclave to secure communication between managed devices and services such as MDM. In use, it helps protect vulnerable endpoints and enterprise services against various forms of security compromises.

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