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18 advanced tips for Android 11


A new Android version is intriguing, exciting, and — let’s be honest — sometimes a little perplexing. Especially nowadays, it’s all too common to see a shiny new update show up on your phone, eagerly look to see what fresh treats are in store, and then find yourself scratching your head as you struggle to see what’s different and how you should be taking advantage of whatever was delivered to your device.

There’s no denying it: Android’s evolution has grown significantly more subtle over the years. Whereas early Android updates represented massive leaps forward and near-constant reinventions of the operating system, more modern Android rollouts tend to revolve mostly around refinement and small but significant touches. It’s a sensible shift at this point in the platform’s development, but it often makes it tough to know if you’re tapping into everything Google’s latest software provides.

And Android 11 is certainly no exception. The latest Android release is chock-full of important additions, but many of them are under the hood and not immediately obvious. And even the ones that are on the surface require a teensy bit of tweaking to be brought to their full potential.

Whether you just got Android 11 recently or have had it since its formal release last September, the tips on this page will help you unlock all of the software’s practical value. The magic’s already all there and waiting; it’s just up to you to seek it out and embrace it.

If you’re among the many non-Google-phone owners still waiting for the software to reach you, hang onto this guide for the future — and check out my separate story on bringing Android-11-like features onto any phone today for some clever ways to give yourself similar elements in the meantime.

(Note that the features and steps described below are all relevant to Google’s original Android 11 software, which is present on Pixel phones, Android One devices, and certain other products. Some Android phone-makers modify the operating system and even occasionally omit features for no apparent reason — so if you’re using a device that doesn’t stick with Google’s default Android arrangement, some of the elements mentioned here may be different or in a few cases entirely absent on your phone.)

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