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20+ iOS 15 changes that help you get things done


Nearly 100 million of the world’s 1 billion iPhone users have already installed iOS 15, according to Mixpanel. Here are 20 of the most obscure or exciting features those who have chosen to install Apple’s new mobile OS can now access.

Easier upgrades

Every enterprise user will benefit when upgrading their iPhone to iOS 15, which provides unlimited iCloud storage for up to three weeks when setting up a new device. Open Settings>General>Transfer or Reset iPhone to use this. Enterprise users also benefit from Apple’s all-new declarative management MDM system.

Live Text

The capacity to use your camera to scan text really is a game-changer. Open your camera and point it at a street sign, a page in a book, or a magazine. You can also open an image in your Photos library containing text and long press in the text area until the Live Text button appears. You can then copy that text and paste it anywhere you wish.

This works really well with the built-in Translate tool, which will translate text selected in any app, and also lets you work with the translated text. You can scan a road sign, translate it, and paste that translation into an email, or use it to translate a guidebook when travelling. Powerful stuff.

Privacy monitoring

You can monitor what your apps get up to in iOS 15 using a feature called Record App Activity. This consists of a seven-day summary of how often each app accesses your microphone, visits websites, and so on. It’s an excellent tool to identify any napps that may be exfiltrating your data or making use of it beyond what you approve. The feature isn’t on by default, though — enable it in Settings>Privacy>Record App Activity.

Share with Siri

When you come across a URL, image, or Message you want to share with a friend or colleague, you can now say: “Hey Siri, share this with [name of person in your Contacts]” and Siri will do the work for you. It will even send an image of what you want to share if it can’t share the content itself.

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