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3 awesome new Samsung Android 13 shortcuts


Typically, when we talk about thoughtful new Android features, we talk about how they’re inexplicably missing in action for owners of Samsung phones.

It’s one of those blessing-and-a-curse sorts of situations: By its very nature, Android is an open platform — and that means phone-makers can muck around with the software as they see fit. This often leads to not-so-optimal interface choices (and sometimes even more disconcerting downsides), but on occasion, it can also lead to some impressively intelligent additions that aren’t available in the standard Google Android version.

Today, we’re gonna explore a shiny new trio of those very sorts of advantageous elements. They’re some really neat new gesture-based shortcuts Samsung snuck into its Android 13 setup. They all have the potential to save you time and make your phone-using experience easier, more enjoyable, and more efficient than ever.

And they’re all things you’d never even realize existed if you didn’t know where to look.

Check ’em out and be sure to read all the way through to see how to activate ’em — and if you’re hungry for even more out-of-sight shortcut magic, make your way to my free Android Shortcut Supercourse next. It’ll teach you tons of time-saving tricks for any Android phone you’re using and shave all sorts of wasted seconds off your days.

Samsung Android 13 shortcut No. 1: Simpler split-screen access

First things first: With Samsung’s version of Android 13, you can swipe up from the bottom of your screen with two fingers to get directly into Android’s split-screen mode. (That’s the interface where you can see two apps on your screen at the same time.)

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