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3 new time-saving Assistant tricks to try on Android


Attention, my fellow Android-owning hominids: Your favorite virtual assistant is learning a few new skills.

Google Assistant is in the midst of getting some significant upgrades on Android — small-seeming features that could have a supersized impact on your workday efficiency. They’re exactly the types of productivity-boosting tidbits I love to uncover on Android, as they’ll make your phone instantly smarter and your life immediately easier.

So what’s the catch, you might be wondering? Well, my curious comrade, there’s just one — and it’s deliciously easy to overcome: These new Assistant abilities are arriving mostly unannounced. (A familiar-feeling tale at this point, wouldn’t ya say?) They oughta be available on any reasonably recent Android phone by now, though. It’s just up to you to find ’em and then figure out how they fit into your personal productivity picture.

So enough with the vague yammering: Let’s break down exactly what these new Android Assistant features are all about and how they could be helpful for you.

New Android Assistant feature No. 1: The delayed action

Our first Android Assistant addition is a welcome new way to automate any type of Assistant-connected action imaginable and then add a delay into that equation.

Sounds a little strange, right? Let me put it into more practical terms. With this new capability in tow, you could do things like:

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