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3 quick tricks for smarter Android sharing


Well, I’ll be: We’re currently on the cusp of 20-frickin’-23, somehow. And yet, moving info from your phone to your computer still creates a confoundingly complex conundrum for most of us mere mortals.

To be fair, we’ve come a long way in the 14 years since Android’s arrival on this humble ol’ earth of ours. But when you want to transport some text from your Android device to your Windows or Mac computer — or, Goog forbid, beam a non-photo file from your phone to a computer whose operating system doesn’t rhyme with SchlomeOS — goodness gracious, it sure ain’t easy.

“But wait, Mr. Android Yammering Man!” you might be thinking. “I could’ve sworn I’d read that Google had some sort of fancy-schmancy Nearby Share system that was supposed to fix this once and for all!”

You’re absolutely right, you observant little orangutan. As of now, though, Google’s Nearby Share system works only between multiple Android devices in the same area or between Android devices and Chromebooks that are in close proximity.

That means you’re completely out of luck if you’re using Android with any other computing platform — like lots of productivity-minded mammals do — or if you want to send info from your Android device to a computer that isn’t right in front of you. And while a Windows version of Nearby Share is supposedly in the works, we’ve been hearing about it for nearly a year now. And we’ve yet to see any sign of its arrival.

Not to fear, though — for where there’s a will, there’s a way. And with a few easy-to-manage tricks up your virtual sleeve, you can make virtually any manner of Android-to-computer sharing happen this very second, with virtually no work.

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