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3 smart settings for better Google Pixel battery life


If there’s one feeling all of us phone-carrying cuttlefish can relate to, it’s the sense of anxiety when that dreaded low-battery warning shows up on our screens.

Both Android itself and Google’s Pixel phones, specifically, have gotten much better at managing battery life over the years. But some of the Pixel’s most intelligent systems for safeguarding your stamina are options in your phone’s software — and that means it’s up to you to find ’em.

Google’s Pixel software is absolutely overflowing with those sorts of out-of-sight treasures, so to continue our ongoing Pixel settings explorations, I want to spelunk our way into some of your device’s most advanced options for stretching your battery life to the max.

Make your way through ’em — then make your way over to my free Pixel Academy e-course, if you haven’t already, for seven full days of advanced Pixel sorcery.

The power’s already in your hands. All that’s left is to learn to make the most of it.

Google Pixel battery life booster No. 1: Smarter charging

First up in our Pixel battery life adventure is a way to make your Google-made phone especially optimized and efficient with its charging — which will help make your battery last longer and perform better from a bigger-picture perspective.

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