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5 Android 12 features you can bring to any phone today


Google’s Android 12 software is packed with interesting treasures — but unless you’re using one of Google’s own Pixel phones, it’s still a ways off from actually landing in your hands.

The tortoise-like pace of most Android updates is another subject for another day (as is the tortoise named Rupert who I’m pretty sure is responsible — that slimy-shelled rascal). Today, I want to explore some creative solutions for bringing a small but significant smidgeon of Android 12’s goodness onto any device this minute.

This minute, you say? Why, yes, Mr. Giggles! With a touch of creativity and an optional pinch of platypus magic, you can experience a handful of select Android-12-inspired treats on any Android device, with any Android version — and with very little effort — right now. All you need is the right app and a few minutes of setup, and some scrumptious Android 12 flavors will be ready and waiting for your ingestion.

To be clear, these aren’t the biggest, most earth-shifting changes Android 12 has to offer. When it comes to elements like the Material You system theming engine or the engine-room-level Android 12 privacy enhancements, nothing short of the operating system update itself can deliver the goods. But outside of those foundational features, Android 12 has some delightful experience-enhancing delicacies — and those are the ones you can emulate most anywhere.

So grab the nearest bib, get some grape soda standing by and ready to wash all this deliciousness down, and let’s dig in.

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