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5 easy ways to make Android more ergonomic


A funny thing has happened over these past several years: Our smartphones, by and large, have grown consistently bigger. And yet our person-sized paws have remained vexingly unchanged.

The result, as you’ve probably noticed, is an awful lot of awkward interactions. The devices we carry can no longer be controlled with the stretch of a single thumb or the simple reach of a forefinger — and especially when you find yourself trying to use your phone with the same hand that’s carrying it, that can lead to some seriously challenging contortions.

Fear not, though, for you don’t have to suffer from constant discomfort (or train yourself to become a full-fledged finger yogi) just to use a modern smartphone. A handful of simple adjustments can go a surprisingly long way in improving the ergonomics of any Android device and making even the largest screen feel completely within reach.

Follow the steps in this guide, and you’ll be getting around your favorite Android phone more comfortably, naturally, and efficiently than ever — even if your own human hand is still comically small in comparison.

1. Enhance your home screen setup

The hub for all of your Android phone activity is the humble home screen — but unlike that other mobile operating system, Android doesn’t force you to stick with a single bland vision for how that virtual environment should work.

And in fact, with a teensy bit of customization, you can make your home screen meaningfully more ergonomic and efficient.

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