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5 hidden settings for a smarter Google Assistant Android experience


Ah, Google Assistant. Sure seems like our trusty ol’ Android-dwellin’ pal is getting brushed over a lot as of late, doesn’t it?

First came the fact that Google made nary a mention of its honey-voiced virtual genie at the big honkin’ Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas last month — and that’s after years of Assistant and its “Hey Google” catchphrase being placarded practically everywhere at that event and being the company’s core focus.

But even more broadly is the ongoing emphasis on ChatGPT-like artificial intelligence tools right now and the awkward disconnect between what those services can offer and what Assistant has long been able to handle. While the A.I. in those newer tools absolutely goes further than Assistant’s current capabilities, it’s curious that hardly anyone’s making the connection or talking about the fact that all this new stuff feels like more of an upgrade to what’s already available with Assistant than any sort of wholly new setup.

We’re expecting to hear a whole lot more about Google’s expanding A.I. ambitions at this year’s Google I/O event in the spring, but in the meantime, I thought it’d be a fine time to focus on our familiar Android A.I. companion and work on unearthing some of its current underappreciated abilities.

All easily forgotten Assistant commands aside, Google Assistant’s got some splendidly useful settings that are out of sight and all too easy to overlook — and if you take the time to dig ’em up and revisit ’em, you’ll find yourself enjoying a smarter, more efficient, and more productive Assistant experience this very minute.

Keep reading to see what you’ve been missing — and when you’re ready for even more advanced Android knowledge, come check out my free Android Shortcut Supercourse. We’ll go way beyond Assistant and explore tons of time-saving tricks for every part of your personal Android experience.

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