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5+ things to watch for at WWDC 22


Certainly one of the most important events in the tech industry calendar, Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC — a.k.a. “DubDub”) takes place starting June 6 with a keynote speech streamed from Apple Park. It’s a given that Apple will discuss improvements in all its operating systems. What else should enterprise IT watch for at the event?

New Macs and the road to M2

Apple began its transition to Apple Silicon at WWDC 2020. Two years on, every Mac now runs some form of M1 chip, the Mac Pro is likely to break cover soon, and the company is already looking toward the M2 range.

We know Apple’s Macs are a growing presence in the enterprise, so enterprise purchasers will be seeking out information about what to expect from the range and if they should purchase now or belay plans until the M2 range appears. We’ve heard conflicting reports concerning the M2, but I anticipate a 5nm chip with around 10% to 20% performance improvements in comparison to the existing models.

WWDC is not a hardware event, but there is a chance we’ll meet the first M2 or last to be upgraded M1-based Mac Pro.

Mobile Device Management

Apple builds the API’s third-party MDM companies exploit to manage Apple devices in the enterprise and education. The company purchased Fleetsmith in 2020 and leveraged those technologies in Apple Business Essentials.

We know Apple is paying increasing amounts of attention to the enterprise market, which means we may see additional improvements made to the MDM APIs it provides, including further support to enable authentication from Google and Microsoft. Single Sign On may be improved and, along with improved windowing on the Apple tablet, there have got to be some developers hoping Xcode will become an iPad app.

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