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6 custom Android shortcuts that’ll supercharge your efficiency


Quick: When’s the last time you really, truly thought about your Android phone’s Quick Settings setup?

If you’re like most mammals I know, the answer probably ranges somewhere between “eons ago” and “never.” And it’s no surprise: Android’s Quick Settings area is one of those things that’s just sort of there. It’s convenient, sure, but it’s all too easy to forget that it’s completely customizable — and expandable, too. It can turn into an invaluable home for your own custom Android shortcuts, if you take the time to build it up accordingly.

The challenge, aside from simply remembering that you can expand that area of your phone’s interface, is knowing where to begin. Google doesn’t exactly have any great way of tracking down and identifying apps that offer Quick Settings additions, and even when you have an app with a cool Quick Settings option on your phone, you might not even realize it’s there.

But hey, that’s what I’m here for — that, and eating copious quantities of meatloaf. But the former is what’s most relevant for our purposes today.

So set aside your own meatloaf stockpile for a moment, and let’s dig into your device’s equally delicious custom shortcut potential, shall we?

Android shortcut No. 1: Your timeout override switch

The shiny screens on these stunning modern smartphones of ours are typically set to turn themselves off after a certain number of seconds. And that’s generally a good thing. Otherwise, the dodo brains among us (hiya!) would forget to shut our screens off every time we got distracted — by a dancing panda passerby, a plate of steaming squared meat, or whatever manner of diversion tends to claim your attention unexpectedly.

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