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6 easy fixes for Android 12 annoyances


By and large, Android 12 is a true treat to use.

Google’s latest and greatest Android effort is without a doubt the most outwardly significant Android update since 2014’s Android 5.0 Lollipop release — at least, if you’re using a Pixel phone, where the software’s most noticeable interface enhancements and feature additions are fully present.

But just like Lollipop — and most any new Android version, really — Android 12 also comes with its share of quirks and controversial decisions. For all of the positive progress, you’re bound to run into a few things that rub you the wrong way and perhaps even make you less productive than you felt before.

Well, fear not, my fellow efficiency-obsessed organism, ’cause I’ve got your back.

Today, we’re gonna dive deep into Android 12’s most vexing annoyances — the quirks and oddities that raise your eyebrow and maybe also your hackles. And we aren’t doing this solely for the sake of complaining, either: With each irritation, we’ll identify an easy way to get around it and regain your virtual sanity.

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