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6 handy hidden features in Google Docs on Android


Few apps are more critical to mobile productivity than the humble word processor. I think I’ve probably spent a solid seven years of my life staring at Google Docs on one device or another at this point, and those minutes only keep ticking up further with practically every passing day.

While we can’t do much about the need to gaze at that word-filled white screen, what we can do is learn how to make every moment spent within Docs count — and in the Docs Android app, specifically, there are some pretty spectacular tucked-away time-savers just waiting to be embraced.

Make a mental note of these advanced shortcuts and options, and put ’em to good use the next time you find yourself staring at Docs on your own device.

Docs feature No. 1: In-app multitasking

We’ll save the best for, erm, first — ’cause the easily overlooked feature we’re kickin’ things off with really has the potential to change the way you work from your phone. It’s called Explore, and it’s one of those options I always forget to use and then periodically realize how much I’m missing out on as a result.

The basic point of Explore is to let you research any subject you’re writing about without ever leaving the Docs app. Just tap the three-dot menu icon in Docs’ upper-right corner while you’re editing a document and then select Explore — and just like that, you’ll get a list of suggested topics and images related to terms found within your document.


You can tap on any topic to drill down further and browse through actual web results for the term, and the results will pop up right then and there as an overlay atop your in-progress document. You can even view entire web pages in that same arrangement, without the need for any cumbersome app switching or clunky split-screen setups.

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