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6 noteworthy new Chrome OS features to keep an eye on


Google’s Chrome OS platform is in a near-constant state of change — and that means there’s always something new and interesting in the works or maybe even lurking quietly in a corner of your Chromebook and waiting to be discovered.

Chrome OS updates show up every few weeks, in fact, and if you keep a close eye on Google’s virtual kitchen, you can find some pretty tasty treats simmering and sometimes even ready to sample.

Here are six such fresh Chrome OS flavors either under development or already on their way to a Chromebook near you.

Chrome OS feature No. 1: Wireless file sharing

What it’s all about

Our first new Chrome OS feature is the long-under-development Nearby Share system for sending and receiving files wirelessly between multiple Chromebooks or Chromebooks and Android devices. It was officially announced and rolled out on the Chrome OS side of things just last week, so it’s still got that fresh ‘n’ steamy new-feature smell.

How to find it now

Click or tap the clock area in the lower-right corner of your Chromebook’s screen to open up the Chrome OS Quick Settings panel. You should see an option there called “Nearby visibility” (because going with clear and consistent branding across all environments would clearly be too much for Google to handle). It also might actually say “Nearby visibil….” instead of “Nearby visibility,” since, erm, those four periods apparently taken up way less space than the three letters they’re replacing.


Click or tap that, and then you’ll see the actual Nearby Share settings configuration tool. There, you can fire the system up and then opt to keep your Chromebook visible to all of your contacts or just to a specific selection of people whenever your screen is on and the computer is unlocked. You’ll also find a toggle that’ll make the device visible to anyone in your area immediately for a five-minute window.

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