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6 secret shortcuts in Chrome on Android


Goodness gracious, I sure do love saving seconds. And if there’s one area where wasted moments are just begging to be reclaimed, it’s within the shiny Chrome browser on your favorite Android phone.

Google’s Android Chrome app is an absolute gold mine when it comes to hidden shortcuts and underappreciated time-savers. And despite the fact that we went over a ton of top-notch time-savers for the Chrome Android environment a handful of months back, I kept thinking to myself: “Gee wilikers, Mr. Wigglesby, there’s gotta be more.”

(Mr. Wigglesby is what I call myself when I’m really deep in contemplation. But you already knew that — obviously.)

So I strapped on my favorite spelunkin’ hat and set out to thoroughly explore the Chrome Android app’s every last surface. I just knew there had to be more time-saving treasures lurking within some of its infrequently caressed areas. And sure enough, I found some incredible new gems for both of us to enjoy — all within the confines of the browser’s unassuming address bar.

Grab your sturdiest exploring boots and get ready. It’s time to have your eyes opened to some splendid extra shortcuts baked right into the uppermost area of your Chrome Android browser.

Chrome Android shortcut No. 1: The hidden tab actions

First up, see that box showing the total number of tabs you have open in Chrome on Android — the rounded square shape in the upper-right corner of the screen?

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