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7 advanced Android adjustments for your new year


Ah, January. It’s the perfect time to step back, take stock of your digital life, and set yourself up for a year packed with pleasure-producing productivity.

Oh, and you also might make a few overly ambitious resolutions we all know you won’t keep.

But meaningless promises aside, that “stepping back” stuff can actually make a meaningful difference — and here in the land o’ Android, whether you’re palming a shiny new device or trying to make the most of a trusty old companion, a handful of simple steps can go an impressively long way in improving your experience.

Here, specifically, are seven advanced adjustments worth revisiting on whatever phone you’re using — adjustments that are all too easy to forget about and fail to keep up with over time.

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Android adjustment No. 1: Give yourself the gift of gestures

It’s 20-frickin’-23, for cryin’ out loud — and yet, a shockingly high number of Android-adoring animals I encounter are still using the long-dated legacy button system for getting around their Googley devices.

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