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7 Gboard settings that’ll supercharge your Android typing


If there’s one place where saved seconds can seriously add up, it’s in your smartphone’s on-screen keyboard.

This doesn’t get nearly enough attention among average tech-totin’ animals, but Android has an awesome advantage over that (cough, cough) other mobile platform when it comes to text input. All it takes is two minutes of trying to type text on an iDevice to see just how much of a good thing we’ve got goin’ (and to make yourself want to gouge your eyes out with the nearest overpriced Apple accessory).

And you know what? While we’ve got no shortage of commendable Android keyboard apps to choose from, Google’s own Gboard keyboard really is the perfect example of how simple, effective, and expandable the Android typing experience can be. Gboard works well right out of the virtual box, and once you start poking around in the mustiest corners of its settings, you’ll uncover some tucked-away treasures that can inject all sorts of seconds-saving sorcery into your Android input process.

So crack those phalanges and prepare for pro-level productivity: We’re diving in deep to Gboard’s least traveled surfaces to take your Android typing experience to dizzying new speeds.

Gboard setting No. 1: Swifter symbol summoning

First and foremost, if you’re anything like most dual-thumbed Android phone owners, you probably waste tons of time hunting for symbols on your Android device’s keyboard — everything from asterisks to at-signs and pluses to parentheses.

Well, my fellow fast-fingered feline, there is a better way.

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