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7 helpful hidden settings for your Google Pixel 7


All right, Pixel pals: So you’ve given into temptation and picked up a Google Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. Maybe you upgraded from a previous Pixel, or maybe it was an entirely new path for you after years in the land o’ Samsung or perhaps even (gasp!) that other smartphone operating system.

However you got there, congratulations: You’ve now got the greatest Googley gadget on this girthy green Earth. I’ve been living with the Pixel 7 and its plus-sized Pixel 7 Pro sibling for a solid couple weeks now, and the devices really are fantastic. They’re the key to experiencing Android at its finest, and they’re arguably among the best overall devices you could buy on any platform right now.

But some of the Pixel 7’s smartest and most useful features require a teensy bit of tinkering to coax out. That’s true if you’re coming from another Pixel, even with all the settings Google synced over for you, and it’s certainly true if you’re dipping your tootsies into Pixel-colored waters for the very first time.

Here, specifically, are seven out-of-sight settings I’ve stumbled onto that are well worth your while to dig up and activate. And if you’re still rockin’ an older Pixel and just thinking about the Pixel 7 upgrade, take note: A lot of these will apply on previous Pixels, too.

So check ’em all out and get ’em all up and running — and then, if you’re thirsty for even more Pixel-optimizing magic, head over to my free Pixel Academy e-course next. It’ll pick up where we leave off here and teach you tons of tucked-away time-savers and productivity-boosters for whatever Pixel model you’re using.

Google Pixel 7 setting No. 1: Smarter Face Unlock

All right, first things first: One of the most welcome additions to the Pixel 7 is the return of Face Unlock — a feature we saw briefly on the Pixel 4 and have been missing ever since.

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