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7 hidden Pixel shortcuts you probably aren’t using


We’re likely just days away from the launch of Google’s latest Pixel phone — the potentially pivotal Pixel 6a midranger. So it seems safe to say the subject of Googley phones is gonna be comin’ up a bunch in the weeks ahead, with snazzy new hardware being the main theme of the moment.

The nice thing about Pixel phones, though, is that you don’t have to have the latest and greatest model in order to find some fantastically useful new tricks. Google’s constantly updating its Pixels with features both big and small, and it’s all too easy for some of the more subtle touches to get lost in the shuffle.

So today, as we gear up for a new round of Pixel gear, I thought it’d be a fine time to step back and dig in to uncover a handful of splendid Pixel shortcuts that’ve been overlooked and/or forgotten by many an Android-adorin’ animal.

And while some of these shortcuts may seen subtle, don’t let yourself be fooled: All those saved seconds will absolutely add up when you sprinkle ’em throughout your day.

Make your way through these seven out-of-sight Pixel time-savers — and then, if you’re still hungry for more (you insatiable beast, you!), come sign up for my free Pixel Academy e-course to uncover even more hidden Pixel magic.

All right — ready?

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