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7 hidden tricks for your Chromebook trackpad


When we talk about gestures, we tend to focus on the fingie-on-the-screen variety — whether we’re talkin’ Android gestures and all the possibilities on that front or chewing over the similar set of on-screen gestures Chromebooks have had for a while now.

But there’s a whole other category of time-saving swipers sneakin’ around in your greatest Googley gizmos. These swipes are relevant to ChromeOS, specifically, and they’ll have you flying around your favorite Chromebook in record time — once you remember to actually start using ’em.

Here are seven Chromebook trackpad gestures that’ll work wonders for your productivity. And note, too, that some of these shortcuts — the ones related to the web, specifically, with browser-level functions that aren’t connected directly to ChromeOS — will work within the Chrome browser on other operating systems as well.

Fingers ready. Here we go…

Chromebook trackpad gesture No. 1: The sideways scroll

You probably know you can scroll up or down by placing two fingers on your Chromebook trackpad simultaneously — right next to each other — but I frequently find myself forgetting that the same basic gesture also works for moving around horizontally.

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