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7 secrets for a smarter Android Chrome experience


Let’s face it: This wishy-washy world wide web of ours can sometimes be an endless-seeming series of nuisances and annoyances.

And while you can take total control of most parts of your Android experience, the web itself is far more wily. From sites where the text is too tiny to ones that bombard you with audio-blaring auto-playing videos (cough, cough, awkward eye darting), wiggling your way around the web can often feel like an exercise in indignance.

Before you gouge your eyes out, though, lemme let you in on a little secret: The Chrome Android browser has some exceptional advanced options for making your experience more agreeable. They’re out-of-the-way adjustments that’ll get around some of the internet’s most nettlesome quirks and get you the info you need with at least 67% less irritation.

And all you’ve gotta do is figure out how to find and enable ’em.

Let’s dive in — and if you’re craving even more advanced Android knowledge, check out my free Android Shortcut Supercourse next to feast on a sprawling smorgasbord of time-saving tricks.

Android Chrome secret No. 1: More legible text

Finding yourself squinting slightly too often whilst wading in the web’s wayward waters? Hey, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. My once-youthful and vibrant peepers are getting a little weary, too.

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