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8+ useful iPhone tips for better productivity


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably joined the mobile workforce, even if you’re working remotely. This handful os iPhone tips should take a little friction out of your day and boost productivity.

You don’t need to scroll any more

Want to scroll through websites, documents, or anything else one-handed? Try using a feature called Back Tap introduced in iOS 14. It lets you set up commands that can be exercised by a double- or triple- tap on the back of your iPhone.

  • Open Settings>Accessibility>Touch
  • Scroll down the page to Back Tap and tap that

Now you get to choose an action to trigger when your Double Tap and Triple Tap the back of your iPhone. There are dozens of options you can choose, but I use double tap to scroll down the page and triple tap to scroll up again.

If you’re a little more adventurous, you can set the tap for specific Shortcuts routines, such as emailing what you are looking at to yourself or to Tweet a link and title.

Swipe two fingers at a busy in-box

This little tip has been around for a long time, but I still like to point to it from time to time. When you need to delete lots of emails you can tap the Edit button and delete them manually if you want, but this is easier:

  • Lightly press and hold two fingers on the first email you wish to delete.
  • Emails will move slightly to your right and edit boxes will appear – but keep your two fingers in place and swipe them down the in-box. You’ll see that each email you touch is automatically selected so you can then delete them.

This saves a little time and soon feels natural.

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