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9 Android accessibility treasures that’ll make anyone more productive


Accessibility in our age of mobile technology is a pretty inspiring thing.

I mean, think about it: These powerful little computers we carry around in our purses and pantaloon pockets have the potential to open up all sorts of futuristic possibilities. Their effects can be downright life-changing for folks with issues like impaired hearing or limited vision — and in the grand scheme of things, those sorts of advancements are far more meaningful than any random phone feature we use to organize our lives or save ourselves a few seconds here and there.

Here’s the cool part, though: Those two areas don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Some of Android’s most interesting accessibility options are poised to both help those who truly need ’em and be handy in a way that can benefit anyone. They work for accessibility, sure, but they’re also valuable for far more mundane productivity gains.

Take a few minutes to explore some of these out-of-the-way Android accessibility treasures and see if any of ’em might bring a welcome boost to your own personal work routine.

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Android accessibility feature No. 1: Advanced voice control

Android’s long had commendable systems for controlling your phone via voice, but a widely available accessibility service can take things even further and let you accomplish practically anything on your device simply by speaking a command.

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