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9 more out-of-sight settings for your Google Pixel 7


This week, we’re pawing our way through the giddily good Google Pixel 7 and exploring some of the phone’s more easily overlooked options.

The Pixel 7 and its plus-sized Pixel 7 Pro sibling are practically overflowing with awesome stuff, y’see, but some of their best experience-enhancing possibilities require a wee bit of spelunking to surface and set up.

So following up on our first set of hidden Pixel 7 settings, today, we’re gonna dive into even more out-of-sight switches you’ll absolutely want to dig up and adjust on your glitzy new Googley phone.

Consider this your roadmap to some of the Pixel 7’s best and brightest secrets. Follow its steps — and when you’re finished, follow it over to my free Pixel Academy e-course to uncover even more exceptional Pixel treasures.

Google Pixel 7 setting No. 1: A smarter Assistant

Good golly, Google Assistant’s gotten good over the years. And on a Pixel in particular, that jolly virtual helper’s got some extra-wicked smahts (to borrow a term from my Boston-based colleagues) just waiting to be embraced.

But let’s be honest: All that “Hey, Google” uttering can get utterly irksome after a while.

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