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A fascinating twist at the intersection of Android and Chrome OS


My, oh my, we sure have come a long way in these Google-scented quarters of ours.

‘Twas not so long ago, after all, when everyone and their granpappy was completely convinced that Google had to be working on combining its two primary platforms — y’know, those silly li’l things we like to call Chrome OS and Android.

For years, we heard endless declarations about how Chrome OS was a dead man walking and how Android would somehow swallow it up to form a magically merged new mega-operating-system (mmm…tastes Chromey). The reality, of course, was much more nuanced: Google’s kept both Chrome OS and Android around and simply worked little by little to align the two entities and make ’em more complementary, consistent, and connected. (Huh. Who woulda thunk?!)

We’ve seen that alignment taking shape for years now, but with rare exception, it’s mostly been a one-way road — Chrome OS, in other words, taking on more and more Android-like qualities and feeling ever more connected to its robot-themed cousin.

But now, as Google looks to change the narrative around its unspoken abandonment of Android tablets and the awkward reality that Chromebooks have long provided the superior “Android tablet” experience, the tables are about to turn — and the Android-Chrome-OS connection is about to flippity-flop in a fascinating new way.

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