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A hidden gem in Gboard on Android


Few things bring me as much geeky pleasure as uncovering clever new ways to save time with text input on Android. And for my money, no keyboard comes close to the level of consistency, quality, and caliber of features as Google’s own Gboard Android keyboard.

Well, my fellow efficiency-obsessed earthling, have I got just the tasty treat to share you with you today. It’s a super-handy trick I stumbled onto recently whilst communicating with my fellow humans from my handheld Android phone apparatus.

It isn’t technically about text input, mind you, but it absolutely ties into the topic of tapping out thoughts and sharing important info on your Android phone companion. And it will absolutely save you steps and shave precious seconds off of your daily Android dance.

So here it is: The next time you encounter an image you want to attach to an email or maybe send in a messaging thread somewhere, you can simply copy it and then allow Gboard to keep the image on standby and ready to paste in practically anywhere you want — as an attachment to an email, an item within a messaging thread, or maybe even an addition to a document you’re editing whilst jogging in your favorite workout onesie.

From there, it’s one more fast tap within the Gboard Android interface to slap that image into whatever venue you need, whenever you need it. And best of all? It takes only about 20 seconds of setup and then another 10 seconds of noggin training to get yourself ready for a lifetime of second-saving satisfaction.

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