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A new Chromebook productivity feature worth finding


Good news, my fellow Chromebook-carrying citizens: Google’s ChromeOS platform is in the midst of getting a great new feature that’s all about productivity — and odds are, you can find and enable it on your own favorite Chromebook this very second.

The feature ties into the ChromeOS Virtual Desks system. Remember that thing? It’s the setup that snuck into our Chrome-colored lives a few years back. In short, the Virtual Desks option empowers you to spread your work across multiple environments within a single Chromebook computer. So, for instance:

  • You might have one Virtual Desk that’s all about your workday basics — things like email, Slack, and your favorite online Pac-Man game. (Hey, this is a safe space. We can be honest with each other!)
  • You might then maintain a second Virtual Desk for your social media stuff (all strictly work-based, of course)…
  • And you might then have two or three more Virtual Desks to hold all the apps and tabs related to whatever individual projects you’re actively working on at any given moment.

That way, you can keep your digital day organized and isolated into different spaces — so that when you’re working on one type of task or project, you can focus solely on the stuff related to that effort without having the apps and tabs from your other projects in your hair. And you won’t be tempted to dip into your email or check your LinkedIn notifications whilst in the zone, since those things will be out of sight and in a completely separate section of your device.

It’s a smart way to turbo-charge your productivity here in the land o’ ChromeOS, and now, there’s a tucked-away option that’ll make the setup even more advanced and effective.


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