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An Android shortcut secret | Computerworld


Have I ever mentioned how much I love shortcuts?

All right, maybe I have. (Maybe, erm, somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,942 times, come to think of it.) But oh, it be true. There’s just something so impossibly satisfying about knowing you’re increasing your efficiency and slicing soul-sucking seconds out of your day.

And on Android, whoo boy, have we got some awesome opportunities for cutting out steps and achieving Mega-Nerd™ levels of efficiency obsession.

Today, as your friendly neighborhood Mega-Nerd™, I want to remind you about an easily overlooked option for adding some extra step-shaving shortcuts directly onto your home screen. These shortcuts are buried deep within some of Android’s most productivity-oriented apps. And you’d have to be — well, an efficiency-obsessed Mega-Nerd™ to even realize they’re there.

My friend, prepare to achieve Mega-Nerd™ status.

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