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An iPhone a day keeps the doctor away


We know the pandemic has affected the way we work, forcing enterprises to embrace work-from-home models. But it is also driving innovation in digital health, prompting the evolution of remote diagnosis and home care.

Award-winning company, Butterfly Network, is part of this change.

The digital health ecosystem

We know Apple is focused on developing its platforms to support digital health, but even it can’t invent everything, and the latest news from Butterfly Network should put smartphones in every medical bag.

A quick recap

A couple of years ago, Butterfly Network introduced the first handheld, single-probe, whole-body ultrasound system based on its own ultrasound sensor.

It has now introduced the second version of that sensor, which is faster, more accurate and delivers far better deep-imaging capabilities in the already-in-use system.

Why it matters

Ultrasound relies on expensive ($50,000-ish) and fragile piezoelectric crystal sensors. Butterfly developed a solution to replace those crystals with a single silicon chip that costs $1,999. It’s iPhone compatible, of course.

The system connects directly to the iPhone or other smartphone. Once connected, it lets users view the imaging on the device, which makes ultrasound as accessible as a stethoscope.

This is a transformation that makes these tools affordable, and mobile enough to transform ultrasound technology from large expensive systems patients must visit into mobile systems doctors can use when they visit you.

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