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Android’s secret voice control superpowers


Sometimes, a few carefully chosen words can go a long way.

Now, mind you, I’m not talking about interpersonal relations here. (You’re on your own there, pal.) I’m talking about the timeless art of talking to your technology — an act that may make you feel ridiculous, and rightfully so, but that can be a true time-saver and efficiency-enhancer in the right situation.

Android has long excelled at voice control, and these days, there’s little you can’t accomplish by whispering the right sweet nothings into your phone’s pretty virtual ear. Google Assistant is overflowing with voice command possibilities, the ever-so-slowly-rolling-out new version of Assistant adds even more options into the mix, and other new additions are showing up constantly.

But all of that stuff is still child’s play compared to the real voice control power Android can give you — if you know where to look. Google has an entire system of voice control superpowers that’s out of sight, out of mind and damn-near impossible for any normal person to find. But if you uncover it, Goog almighty, are you in for a treat.

It’s technically an accessibility feature, hence its underemphasized nature, but trust me: This thing can be exceptionally useful for anyone. And once you grow accustomed to having it present on your phone, you won’t want to go back.

Ready for your introduction?

Meet your new Android voice control genie

The system, rather fittingly, is called Voice Access. It empowers you to do virtually anything you could do by touching your screen simply by speaking, including some things that make dictating text much easier and more practical.

Best of all? It takes but a few short minutes to set up properly on your device. Here’s all you’ve gotta do:

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