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Apple brings iCloud passwords to Windows, Microsoft’s Edge


Apple’s latest product release is aimed squarely at Windows users and it means you can now manage your iCloud passwords from a PC.

iCloud for Windows

Apple has offered iCloud for Windows for years. The latest release builds on what is already available with the addition of a password management app for Windows and Microsoft’s Edge browser.

The company shipped a Chrome extension for this earlier this year, and the new app brings the same functionality to Windows. Windows users who download iCloud 12.5 from the Microsoft Store will now also receive the new iCloud Passwords app.

You can download iCloud for Windows here.

What does the iCloud Passwords app do?

The iCloud Passwords app lets you check your account information, update it, delete it, and add new accounts. Because it is an iCloud app, any changes you make within it will automatically sync across all your iCloud devices, iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Along with Chrome, it also supports Edge, so you can get all that functionality through that browser.

This extends the features of iCloud for Windows, with which PC users can access Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Safari.

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