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Apple can support sideloading, while protecting the rest of us


Apple has improved on the arrangement it’s trying to reach with authorities in the Netherlands and adjusted its deal for reader apps. But the company may have another way to get regulators off its back while protecting its customers’ user experience and privacy – enable sideloading as an option.

Apple is under pressure to open up

There’s been a tumult of regulatory activity aimed at Apple. The gist of this is that the company now faces what looks like an unstoppable tidal wave that will eventually force the company to open up parts of its platform.

A recent EU diktat, for example, may force it to open to third parties including competitors, payment providers, browser developers and, most recently in some weird and seemingly impossible idea, messaging apps.

Reader apps and dating

Apple this week also began allowing “reader apps” to add a link to their own websites for payment and account management. Reader apps are those that “provide previously purchased content or content subscriptions for digital magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music and video.” The company will still collect commissions for purchases within the app itself.

The details of this arrangement are here.

The company is also racking up fines in the Netherlands following a judgement that forced it to permit developers of dating apps to use external payment systems. Apple plans to appeal the judgement, but has been forced to improve on its original approach to comply with that decision.

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