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Apple CEO Tim Cook defends the App Store business


Apple CEO Tim Cook will appear today with leaders from Google, Amazon and Facebook for a Congressional anti-trust hearing, which will be broadcast live on YouTube.

What is the hearing about?

The House Judiciary’s antitrust subcommittee is investigating online platforms and market power; today’s hearing will see the business leaders answering difficult questions concerning their alleged market dominance.

Cook’s opening remarks to the committee have already been made available.

In the remarks, Apple’s leader points out the inconvenient truth that Apple doesn’t actually possess dominant market share in any of the markets in which it does business:

“Apple does not have a dominant market share in any market where we do business. That is not just true for iPhone; it is true for any product category,” he says.

That’s true in terms of hardware: Android dominates smartphones, Macs are second players to Windows, and the company doesn’t even offer the world’s best-selling fitness tracker.

What it does do is fight a distinct corner and it has achieved this by creating solutions that are relatively unique in comparison to other available devices.

The App Store business

These truths will likely drive the committee to ask about how the company handles its platforms, which will mean how it handles the App Store; how it justifies its 30% cut of software features; how it allows access to core iOS features; and whether it has a “copy-acquire-kill” strategy.

Apple will respond with a little history.

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