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Apple contributes MagSafe to Qi2 standard — why it matters


Apple is serious about sustainability, which is important if you want billions of smartphone users to move to wireless charging. That likely explains why it has put its MagSafe tech forward as a standard for use by others via the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

Apple’s MagSafe is all aboard the Qi2

Wireless chargers use more energy (up to 39% more) than wired chargers to pump power into phones. Granted, phones don’t consume vast quantities of power on a per unit basis, but when you multiply billions of phones by 39% wasted power, you’re looking at a significant amount of squandered electricity.

To put that into a scale that makes sense, I’ve come across one report that estimates it already takes the full capacity of nearly 100 of the world’s power plants to charge smartphones each day.

So how we charge these devices is important.

What MagSafe does

Apple’s MagSafe tech does a better job of making a connection between the device and the charging point. It does this by automatically ceasing the process if the device is dislodged and makes for less wasteful energy transfer while the process is taking place. That reduces the quantity of power wasted in wireless charging.

The other side of the equation is that wireless power is more elegant, easier to deploy outside and in, and wide proliferation of efficient wireless power systems could have implementations in many different spaces — consumer goods, certainly, but also in pro systems, live event production, even building construction. Because as the tech improves, numerous devices will use of it.

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