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Apple explains Google Workspace integration for Apple IDs


Apple’s plans to integrate Google Workspace identity services with Managed Apple IDs should simplify cloud identity management for businesses that use services from the search advertising giant.

Bringing the work and school teams together

The recently-announced integration is particularly focused on the needs of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) using Apple Business Essentials (ABE) and educators using Apple School Manager, but, like the Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration that Managed Apple IDs already enjoy, will likely reach additional services.  

The beauty of this federated authentication is that it lets employees sign into their Managed Apple IDs with their Google Workspace account, which makes it much easier to access apps and services without compromising security.

This kind of authentication support for both Azure and Workspace has long been a big ask from within the enterprise communities Apple’s products are currently reaching; its arrival maintains Apple’s continued trend toward improving the offer it makes to business users.

What is Managed Apple ID?

Managed Apple IDs are used to access Apple apps and services. These IDs are owned and managed by the business and can be used alongside personal Apple IDs when an organization makes use of User Enrollment.

Data separation between enterprise and personal accounts is protected.

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