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Apple extends iPhone repair services across U.S., Canada, Europe


It seems fair to say that Apple has never had an easy relationship with third-party iPhone repair services. So it’s good news that it’s expanded the provision of repair services by extending its Independent Repair Provider Program to more shops in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

A step forward

Just a few years ago, Apple fell afoul of regulators and consumer groups when it attempted to make life much harder for customers who had used independent repair service providers. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission took the company to court, and the ‘Right to Repair’ movement remains a vibrant force.

That’s hardly surprising.

After all, for a lot of people, officially sanctioned Apple repairs seem too expensive, which has prompted the appearance of smaller third-party iPhone repair services across the planet. It’s not rocket science to figure out why: Apple’s products are more expensive initially, but offer outstanding value across their life.

That means many people stretch their budgets on the initial hardware costs and may not have the means to fork out high prices for unexpected repairs. Apple has taken strides to make this a lot more available, including the iPhone Upgrade Scheme.

In 2017, I urged Apple to “figure out how to work positively with third-party shops,” rather than blocking the devices of customer’s who had repairs made at those locations.

This is what Apple seems to be doing.

Authorized repair shops

Apple began to improve its relationship with independent repair shops with the launch of the its Independent Repair Provider Program last fall. The scheme (Apple says) lets business of all sizes offer iPhone repairs using genuine Apple parts.

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