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Apple-friendly iDrive pushes price to build S3 service for SMBs


iDrive recently introduced what it claims to be the fastest S3-compatible cloud storage, which could be an option for  any enterprise seeking cross-platform, off-site storage assets for shared or app supporting data.

S3 cloud services anyone can afford

The company may already be familiar to PC, Mac and iOS users. It recently introduced a 1TB photo storage service within its $9.99 unlimited mobile plan (99 cents in year one), which makes iDrive Photos a cost-effective place to store consumer data and photos. This has been a particular success among users of Google Photos, abandoned when the search and ads giant shuttered its free backup plan.

iDrive e2 is being touted as cheaper than competing solutions from Backblaze, AWS, and others, in part because the company does not levy ingress or egress fees.

The latter makes costs far more predictable, particularly for large deployments, though the limited number of data centers (eight, based in the US) may affect speeds in some locations and will almost certainly raise questions around data sovereignty for any non-US business handling critical or personal information.

What do you get?

The service comprises an S3 compatible, scalable cloud-object storage platform that lets users store data in the cloud. You can use it for off-site disaster recovery, to create an accessible data archive, or for long-term digital archiving. Developers can also build applications using standard S3 APIs pointing to IDrive e2 storage.

Mac users and developers can use well-known tools to access this service, including CyberDuck, CommanderOne, or Transmit. The timing of the lower-cost service seems good; enterprises already run 49% of workloads and store 46% of data in the cloud.

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