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Apple had big plans for 2020. Some remain in place.


Apple had big plans for 2020.

The year began with a major Mac and iPhone introduction in the spring, sped forward with a little more Mac and further revelations around AirPods and services, with a major iPhone upgrade and introduction of an all-new ARM-powered Mac product at the end of the year.

Next year was going to be even bigger.

Not business as usual

Everyone on our planet now knows that business is not going on as usual and won’t be for a while.

Even once we’ve dealt with the current crisis, governments will be forced to support businesses and individuals who are adversely impacted (in unpredictable ways) by the pandemic.

Normal business will have to wait.

Apple knows this, which is why it has reportedly delayed the planned launch of the iPhone 9, is providing more limited than usual service and support for existing products, has scuppered unannounced plans for a March spring launch event, and will — let’s face it — more than likely abandon WWDC 2020.

These decisions and the market reality are hurting the company’s business, but it’s not alone: The great majority of businesses all across our planet will be suffering at this time, and the consequences of this pain will continue even after the pandemic has abated.

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