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Apple improves iCloud.com for better ease of use


Apple is testing improvements to iCloud.com designed to make it easier to use — and has unveiled a new look and a few new tricks to reflect features recently introduced in its operating systems.

iCloud services for the rest of us

If you are one of the millions who use iCloud with their iPhone but no other Apple product, you probably use the online service to access your digital content from other devices.

iCloud is Apple’s sync service that acts as a secure online supporting actor for many of the apps and services its customers use. While it has been through a handful of incarnations, there has always been some form of online access at iCloud.com.

It’s useful if you are away from an Apple device, don’t have iCloud for Windows installed on a PC, or want to access your iCloud content from an Android device. The new enhancements should make Web-based access easier than before.

Now with added widgets

The new design offers previews of content held inside its various apps within a new tile-based window that feels a little inspired by iPhone widgets. You can tap the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to add and remove items to this screen, so you can use this as a shortcut to the apps you need to access most often.

With tweaked toolbars and button locations, the idea is that the iCloud site will be easier to navigate. One nice new feature in the Photos tile is that this now offers you your most recent images, though it would be good to permit users to choose a specific gallery, given that most people’s recent images aren’t necessarily the best pictures they have.

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