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Apple looks poised to open its walled garden in 2023


At Apple, it seems likely 2023 will be all about security, and a new report tells us why: The company may also begin to remove some bricks from the walls around its garden.

May open up for browsers, payments, app stores

A Bloomberg report claims that Apple is looking to open up some of its key private APIs to outside competitors, embrace external payment systems, and possibly permit third-party app stores to sell software to users.

This tidal wave of change seems designed to bring the company in line with various regulatory decisions, including the EU’s Digital Markets Act.

The changes include:

  • Permitting browsers that use browser engines other than WebKit.
  • Opening its NFC implementation to other payment systems.
  • Providing access to more camera controls.
  • Potentially extending the Find My network to more third-party accessories.
  • Supporting iOS apps distributed outside the App Store.

Bloomberg claims the changes are being led by Andreas Wendker, vice president for  software engineering, and Jeff Robbin (who developed SoundJam), the company’s vice president for consumer applications, and could appear as soon as iOS 17.

These can be seen as direct responses to the many waves of regulation the company faces. Enabling a little more latitude on its platform should mitigate many of the accusations made against Apple, which should give it more wriggle room as it enters future hardware, software, and services areas by reducing its platform advantage.

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