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Apple Maps is becoming business critical


Driven by Siri and voice first, local search is becoming increasingly important for business, now Apple is finally preparing to introduce new features inside iOS 14’s Maps app that promises to boost the importance of putting your enterprise on the local map.

Photos and reviews are coming

We’ve learned that iOS 14 contains two key enhancements that raise the bar for Maps:

  1. User submitted reviews, including a thumbs up/down button.
  2. User submitted images.

The implications for beautiful outdoor locations and places of interest is evident. In theory, you’ll be able to use Apple’s Look Around feature to check how these places look from the high street, and then explore them more deeply by exploring user submitted images.

At a time when social distancing and lockdowns are likely to become part of modern living, for some of us this may be the only way we can return to some of our most special places for a while.

The implications for business are perhaps greater. Business owners will want to generate those positive user reviews in Google, Yelp and in Apple Maps, as they know good reviews generate business. They will want to populate Maps with images that show their business in a good light.

How will Apple prevent vexatious criticism?

Every business owner expects a little criticism.

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