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Apple says it’s time your business ran BIMI


Apple will add another obstacle against successful phishing attacks in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura, which will show a company’s official logo to help recipients recognize genuine from fake emails.

Brand Indicators for Message Identification

Apple’s forthcoming operating systems will support Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). This is a specification to enable the use of brand-controlled logos within emails and will be a way to tell recipients that an email genuinely comes from the company concerned. Google has supported BIMI since 2021.

BIMI requires that companies authenticate their email using DMARC. Described by the IETF in more detail in a March 2015 document, DMARC helps mail administrators prevent hackers and other attackers from spoofing their organization and domain. 

The feature won’t provide complete peace of mind.

  • Not every company will be certified (though if you wish to begin using the system at your company, the BIMI website is a good place to start).
  • Many smaller companies probably will never get certified, and it’s possible the system itself may be abused over time — those who construct these attacks are ever inventive.
  • The feature also requires support from the email client, which won’t appear until Apple ships the next iterations of its operating systems.

What BIMI provides

But what BIMI does provide is a visual way to assess trust when receiving a message, helping protect us against phishing and ransomware exploits by making it far more challenging for criminals to impersonate brand names in emails.

That’s important in the pluralistic sense — we’ve all experienced attempts at malware infection buried in emails that purport to come from big brands.

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