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Apple to migrate Macs to ARM chips in 2021?


The “Apple will switch to ARM” story continues with TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest claim that Macs will begin the migration to Apple’s own ARM-based processors starting in 2021.

Not one Mac, but many

If the report is correct (which Kuo’s claims often seem to be), the iPhone maker will introduce both desktop and notebook Macs equipped with its new processor next year. 

(The analyst predicted the first ARM-powered Mac would appear in Q4 2020 or Q1 2021. In related news, he also predicts support for USB 4.0 in 2022.)

We know the company is investing in development of 5-nanometer (nm) A-series chips, with 3nm designs likely also on the map, and Apple recently recruited ARM’s lead CPU and systems architect, Mike Filippo.

Apple’s A-series processors also deliver significant performance.

Recent speed tests suggest the iPhone and iPad chips already beat Intel’s latest Mac processors, in benchmark, if not real-world terms. The A12Z chip inside the latest iPad Pro outperforms most high-end laptops.

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