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Apple wants you to upgrade your systems


It’s time to ensure any older Apple devices still in use by you or your company run the most recent version of the operating system available. That’s because Apple wants users to upgrade to the latest version of the device OS as the company works to expand its product ecosystem.

Upgrade the best way you can

To persuade users to upgrade, Apple plan to turn off access to services for devices running older versions of macOS 10.13, watchOS 4, iOS/iPad OS 11, and tvOS 11, a leaker claims.

It’s not a death sentence. Not only will those devices still be able to access iCloud, but it’s only necessary to upgrade the device to the latest version of the OS available to them. For example, an iOS 11 iPhone must be on version 11.4.1 to access those services. Apple will inform affected users before implementing the change.

Those devices not upgraded will no longer enjoy access to the App Store, Maps, Siri, and other Apple services.

For most users, the impact of the change will be limited. Apple’s own data shows that 87% of all the iPads and 92% of all the iPhones in active use worldwide already run operating systems released in the last two years (iOS 15 or 16). When it comes to iPhones shipped in the last four years, 96% already run the most current version of the system.

Secure the endpoints

Those running older iterations of the operating systems shouldn’t do so because they could risk exposure to security vulnerabilities usually secured against within these updates. The very small number of users running legacy iPhones will be affected if they run older versions of the OS, but those devices would be at least nine years old.

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