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Apple will dominate the enterprise, says Kandji CEO


In yet another sign that Apple’s growth in the enterprise market is still expanding, Apple device management company Kandji has its own news in the wake of Jamf’s JNUC conference last week.

Kandji unveils its new Device Harmony platform

Kandji has introduced its Device Harmony platform, which the company says “tears down the wall” between enterprise IT and InfoSec teams. It brings together existing device management services, including those endpoint detection, endpoint visibility and device management, and adds vulnerability management, endpoint detection, and response services. Device Harmony bridges each of these capabilities with shared intelligence, automation, and workflows.

Kandji uses a lightweight service built into the proprietary Kandji Agent running on the Mac to leverage Apple’s Endpoint Security framework and listen for app-related events to determine whether new vulnerabilities have been introduced or patched, delivering vulnerability insights in real time.

The first two pillars of the Kandji Device Harmony platform — Vulnerability Management and Endpoint Detection and Response — are available now to select preview customers. Endpoint Visibility and Endpoint Compliance will be available for preview in early 2023.

Noteably, Jamf recently introduced similar-sounding security features also built around Apple’s new APIs, which suggests most Apple MDM developers in the space will follow suit.

How Device Harmony works

Device Harmony uses Apple’s own APIs (for MDM and Endpoint Security) and Kandji’s own proprietary tech to provide in-depth intelligence on devices and system activities.

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